The Wines

wineglassesBoutique Vineyard/Limited Production Wine List:

Barrel Fermented (2011) – $27.95: A dry, but buttery, Chardonnay with notes of pineapple and just a hint of new French oak, rendering a smooth finish.
Steel Fermented (2011 & 2015) – $21.95: Crisp, with hints of citrus and melon, and a smooth finish.

Barrel Fermented (2011) – $24.95: Aged in new French oak; semi-sweet, lemon and pear flavors with just a hint of vanilla.
Steel Fermented (2011) – $19.95: An alternative to Chardonnay, crisp with lemon, pear and vanilla flavors and
added notes of nut and orange peel.

A dry, white blend of Semillon and Moscato 2013 – $19.95:

Aged in French oak for two years (2010 & 2011) – $26.95: Firm and pleasantly tannic, with notes of black cherry, pepper and dark chocolate. Barrel-aged for two years in new French oak; ready to enjoy now or will cellar nicely.

Aged in French oak for two years (2011) – $29.95: An Italian-styled wine that is pleasantly tannic and full-bodied, sufficiently aged two years in new French oak, with notes of blackberry and plum.
(very limited production)

A Bordeaux-styled blend aged in new, French oak (2009) – $34.95: Created only once every few years from our best vintages, this harmonious Bordeaux-styled blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Barbera is aged sufficiently in new French oak to be mature, round, and not too tannic, with notes of black cherry, current, and earthiness that are reminiscent of the famed Medoc region in France. It is our desire to emulate this region’s ability to blend different types of grapes, which is what gives the wines of Bordeaux their intense, complex flavors and trademark elegance.

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A red blend of Petit Verdot, Barbera, Malbec, Sangiovese, and Montepulciano (2013) – $24.95:

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